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Clarification for Media

Prishtina, 12 September 2020 - The Office of the Chief State Prosecutor through this clarification for media, regarding the news article published today on 12.09.2020 in the “Gazeta Express” newspaper, entitled “Aleksandër Lumezi with six jobs, receives over 50 thousand euros per year”, announces the public opinion that the Chief State Prosecutor, Aleksandër Lumezi, has only one job and as a primary function he exercises only the position of the Chief State Prosecutor.

Whereas, according to the laws in force, the Chief State Prosecutor, based on official duty “ex officio”, has the obligation to be engaged as a member of institutional boards in the field of justice and security, respectively mechanisms related to the rule of law.

Consequently, the Chief State Prosecutor receives only one salary from the state budget.

Meanwhile, from 15.03.2018 until 15.03.2020, the Chief State Prosecutor, Aleksander Lumezi was also the Chairman of the Committee for the Jurisprudence Exam Pass, proposed by the Ministry of Justice and elected by the Assembly members of Kosovo.

All these commitments of Chief Prosecutor Lumezi are in full harmony with the applicable laws of the Republic of Kosovo and do not constitute a conflict of interest. This is also evidenced by the legal opinion of the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) issued on 09.07.2018.

Attached is the legal opinion of the Anti-Corruption Agency; https://akk-ks.org/assets/cms/uploads/files/Opinionet/2018/Opinioni%20i%20Agjencis%C3%AB%20drejtuar%20Kryeprokuroris%C3%AB%20s%C3%AB%20Shtetit.pdf